This picture is a bit of imaginary architecture I created using POV-Ray, a public domain ray-tracing tool.  The shape of the room is that of a truncated cuboctahedron (also known as a great rhombicuboctahedron).  This is duplicated in the chandelier and the amber "sculpture" at the bottom.
So What?

The picture makes a nice desktop background.  Here are some bitmap files in some common screen sizes:

 320 x  240N/A.jpg ( 34kb)
 512 x  384N/A.jpg ( 83kb)
 640 x  480.bmp (0.9mb).jpg ( 98kb)
 800 x  600.bmp (1.4mb).jpg (151kb)
1024 x  768.bmp (2.3mb).jpg (242kb)
1280 x 1024.bmp (3.8mb).jpg (398kb)

You're on your own getting it downloaded and installed on your machine.